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Q Who does Whitebox help?
A Whitebox helps businesses who want to outsource their entire ecommerce process. Sometimes, we start with a small chunk of their ecommerce business—for example, marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Sometimes, we dive all the way in and make sure they never have to handle a returned product again.
Q How is Whitebox different from Amazon?
A Amazon is a place for customers to buy products. Therefore it is also a place for sellers to sell products. Amazon can provide a means to ship and warehouse your products, but they are only one marketplace and half the battle. Whitebox will help you on other sales channels as well as Amazon. We’ll also help you with kitting, photographing, quality control, returns—the whole process.

Our clients who previously worked directly with Amazon struggled with their complex systems, the need for a technical employee (or three), and the lack of vendor-facing customer service. Whitebox will help you reap the benefits of selling on Amazon without the headaches.
Q How is Whitebox different from Shopify?
A Shopify is our favorite online store builder software. We’ve helped many of our clients convert to Shopify, if they are unhappy with their current store cart. However, Shopify only handles the software part of ecommerce. Shopify helps businesses create websites their customers can order products from. But the small business is still responsible for storing inventory, shipping orders, handling returns, and managing customer service. This is an expensive and stressful endeavor.

That’s where Whitebox comes in. We help our clients with quality control, inventory management, kitting, picking and packing, product photography, shipping, returns, and customer service. For small volume businesses who can handle the shipping and inventory control themselves, Shopify can work on its own. For larger, growing companies, Whitebox and Shopify working together can make your ecommerce run automatically.
Q Will you do our marketing for us?
A We are happy to informally share our marketing knowledge, or refer you to some awesome marketing companies we work with, but we’re not a marketing company. However, having your ecommerce processes automated will make sure that you don’t suddenly have to spend tons of money on operations when that genius marketing strategy takes off.