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About Us

Whitebox is an entire ecommerce operation in a single package. By combining all functions of the ecommerce process into one service, Whitebox makes it easy for manufacturers and brands to scale to a global level, while shrinking overhead.

Whether you’re just beginning to sell online or struggling to keep up with your volume, Whitebox will lift the weight of managing ecommerce from your shoulders and give your customers an excellent online shopping experience.

With Whitebox, you’ll have happier customers, and less work to do in-house. This means more sales, a greater reach, and more time for you to do what you do best.

Our Story

The Whitebox team met when they were working at mp3Car, a forum and ecommerce store that sold hard-to-find electronic parts. Mp3Car shipped all of their orders out of a cramped, disorganized office space, and had no idea what their inventory levels were at any given moment.

Soon enough, mp3Car was in such trouble that President Robert Wray knew he needed a big change. He didn't even know how much money the company was making (or losing). Rob took a hard look at mp3Car’s business model, and built a system to organize and automate the company. After two years of implementing this system, mp3Car’s profits were up 607%.

Rob and the team thought other small businesses could benefit from the same logistics services and software, and Whitebox was born.

Leadership Team


Rob Wray

Rob is obsessed with making Whitebox the best it can be so innovators like you can grow your businesses. He’s passionate about helping businesses grow because of his experience as the President of mp3Car, a forum and store for electronics enthusiasts, and the Founder of Innovative Technology, a consulting and computer repair business focused on helping small businesses profit with technology.


Sean Clark

Sean leads the development of all the technology behind Whitebox. He’s a total efficiency geek. If any one thing has to be repeated by a human, it can be automated. Sean has contributed to countless open source projects and has co-authored several frameworks for various languages. He also started Square Bracket, a company that teaches advanced coding techniques through instructional YouTube videos.


Stephen Jensen

Stephen makes Whitebox run smoothly. He’s in charge of ensuring your product listings are flawless and your customers are completely satisfied. As General Manager of mp3Car, Stephen learned about global fulfillment services, inventory management, and vendor relationships. Stephen’s experience with online sales and technology development makes him an expert resource for Whitebox’s clients.


Katie Ervin

Katie helps tell our story.  As the Marketing Manager, she is in charge of our company’s online web presence.  She has mastered sales and customer service through 13 years in the service industry and six years in real estate management.  Katie discovered her passion for helping small businesses grow during her time as a social media director for several local restaurants, and through years of watching Shark Tank.  Katie has had an entrepreneurial spirit and a gift for gab since a very young age that has served her well in her many business ventures.