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About Us

Whitebox is an entire ecommerce operation in a single package. By combining all functions of the ecommerce process into one service, Whitebox makes it easy for manufacturers and brands to scale to a global level, while shrinking overhead.

Whether you’re just beginning to sell online or struggling to keep up with your volume, Whitebox will lift the weight of managing ecommerce from your shoulders and give your customers an excellent online shopping experience.

With Whitebox, you’ll have happier customers, and less work to do in-house. This means more sales, a greater reach, and more time for you to do what you do best.

Our Story

The Whitebox team met when they were working at mp3Car, a forum and ecommerce store that sold hard-to-find electronic parts. Mp3Car shipped all of their orders out of a cramped, disorganized office space, and had no idea what their inventory levels were at any given moment.

Soon enough, mp3Car was in such trouble that President Robert Wray knew he needed a big change. He didn't even know how much money the company was making (or losing). Rob took a hard look at mp3Car’s business model, and built a system to organize and automate the company. After two years of implementing this system, mp3Car’s profits were up 607%.

Rob and the team thought other small businesses could benefit from the same logistics services and software, and Whitebox was born.

Leadership Team

Marcus Startzel Chief Executive Officer

Marcus is a proven executive leader with a track record of driving industry leading growth. Before joining Whitebox, he served various senior leadership roles within AppNexus, leading up to their 2018 $1.6B acquisition by AT&T. Marcus joined AppNexus through the acquisition of MediaGlu, a cross-device technology company where he served as Chairman & CEO. Previously, Marcus was the GM of North America and Global CRO at Millennial Media where he led dramatic enterprise growth that resulted in a successful IPO on the NYSE. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors at the Maryland FoodBank. Marcus earned a Mathematics degree with Merit from the United States Naval Academy and is a former U.S. Naval Submarine Officer and qualified nuclear engineer.

Rob Wray Chief Product Officer

Rob had the idea for Whitebox while working on one of his businesses called mp3Car as it struggled due to inefficient ecommerce processes. After applying what is now the Whitebox technology, mp3Car grew from $1m to $5.4m in a few short years. He realized then that other entrepreneurs could benefit from these new systems, and founded Whitebox in 2013 with the help of co-founders Sean Clark and Stephen Jensen.


Rob Hahn Chief Operating Officer

Rob began his career as an Undergraduate Intern at Amazon in 2010 and went on to become the youngest executive in Amazon Operations history before joining the Whitebox team in 2018. He has lead teams of thousands of employees and hundreds of leaders in multiple 1M+ square foot Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Rob specialized in operational excellence, focusing on cost reduction and scaling operations to become sustainable, world-class entities in a short period of time. His technical proficiencies allowed him to be an instrumental part of the transition into Amazon Robotics and become involved in network-level decisions on workflow, material handling equipment, and automation decisions within Amazon Operations, leading to tens of millions of dollars of annualized savings.


Danielle Repetti Chief Revenue Officer

Danielle joined Whitebox after spending over a decade as an executive in the ad tech industry where she led performance marketing and sales growth, strategy, and product expansion efforts at Millennial Media, AOL, and Verizon Media Group. As Chief Revenue Officer at Whitebox, Danielle is responsible for global sales, advertising, marketing, customer success, and business development. Danielle has her bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University and attended Wharton Business School’s Executive Integrated Marketing Strategies and Leadership programs.

Sean Clark Chief Technology Officer

Sean leads the development, technology and automation efforts at Whitebox. Before co-founding Whitebox, Sean has founded several development companies spanning a wide variety of verticals such as ecommerce, finance, medical, aerospace, vfx, education, and automation. In addition to bringing 15 years of experience in product and technology, Sean contributes to open source projects and video training for advanced programming techniques and frameworks.