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How We Help Grow Your Sales

In order for any product to be a hot-seller, there needs to be collaboration between marketing, sales, your ad team, product development, and of course, ecommerce.  

As an extension of your team, a lot of what Whitebox does is part of our proprietary process. However, as a high level overview, here are some of the things that we can do to help you drive sales.

  1. Operational Perfection = Higher Search Rank on Amazon and eBay
    1. Quality Control process: QC inventory, barcoding, kitting, & multipack assembly
    2. 5-hour response times on customer service issues
    3. Happy customers = higher search rank
    4. Having sold thousands of different products and shipped hundreds of thousands of orders, Whitebox has a rich seller history and 100% positive seller feedback - all which help us rank higher and earn the Amazon Buy Box

  2. Amazon Listing Optimization

    1. Keywords included in title, bullet points, descriptions, and on the back-end
    2. Professionally-written titles, optimized to drive sales
    3. Professional, high-resolution photos, from multiple angles with clear labels.  We use best practice methods proven to drive customer activity

  3. Pricing Strategy

    1. Automated pricing algorithm that matches or beats reseller pricing within certain margins can be activated at any time
    2. Multipacks and/or product price adjustments to meet target margins

  4. Ads

    1. If given a budget, we can run Amazon ads to promote the product(s)
    2. We will not create/run social media/Google ads for you, but can coach or point your marketing team in the right direction to get started

  5. Implement a review campaign with your Marketing Department

    1. Whitebox software sends an email to each customer thanking them for their purchase and asking them to leave a review.
    2. Create a discount code to be used for the Whitebox Review Club to gain reviews
    3. Create a discount code to use for social media and email contacts to encourage reviews
    4. Work with your team to direct the customer to Amazon in order to gain reviews and ranking
  6. Optimize Inventory

    1. Our system works to predict inventory levels for the next 30-60 days.  The longer we have a client, the more refined that process becomes
    2. Zero out-of-stock days
    3. Minimal storage fees

  7. Monthly Check-Ins

    1. Social media audits
    2. Ad audits
    3. Keyword performance reports
    4. Promotions brainstorming


So, you still have to work, a little bit anyway.  


This doesn’t mean we replace your branding department, marketing team or product developers.   You still need to manage your store ads, social media, and follow up on product complaints.   We can help you with the technical implementation of things like ads and conversion tracking.  

Hopefully, with the time you save with Whitebox, you can develop your product and your marketing / brand strategy, and it will be both an easy and lucrative partnership.