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Welcome to Whitebox Chelsea!

Whitebox continues to grow – along with our spectacular team. As always, we are a little behind on our introductory posts because we've had so many new hires... and we've all been hard at work. Another hire we haven't had the chance to introduce is Chelsea Coston, our new Account Analyst. Chelsea came to us from Baltimore's famous food delivery service, Orderup.  She's done an amazing job diving deep in our long list of clients, and auditing them one-by-one to ensure that they are getting the most out of each sale.



Tell us a little about yourself.


I grew up in North Carolina and went to school in Tennessee. I majored in Business Management and Accounting and I love working with numbers. I wanted to do a year of service before starting my career, so I came to Baltimore after I graduated from college to work with refugee teenagers resettled here. I ran a business program where teens from many countries created and sold art. After that year, I began working as a business analyst at the food delivery company, OrderUp, where I worked until they were sold to Grubhub.


How did you find out about Whitebox?


I found out about Whitebox through the tech startup community and because they happened to be just 1 block away from the old OrderUp Office.


What are you most excited about after having worked with the company for a few months?


I am most excited about helping clients better understand their business and continue to grow it. I like working with numbers because they give me detailed insights clients can use to be successful, from increasing sales to decreasing costs and everything in between.


What do you love to do in your time off?


I enjoy cooking (especially with cheese!), hosting parties and events, reading feminist literature, and all sorts of dancing: from ballet to swing to contemporary.