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Welcome to Whitebox Danielle!

Whitebox continues to grow – along with our spectacular team.  We'd love to introduce Danielle Repetti, our new Chief Operating Officer. Danielle has spent the last decade leading sales and operational excellence in the Ad-Tech space.  As an executive at AOL and Millennial Media, Danielle’s expertise in the areas of cross channel solutions, data & analytics, consumer behavior, and performance marketing drove landmark revenue growth. She’s passionate about staying up to speed with the ever changing markets and emerging technologies.  


We are so honored to welcome her to the Whitebox team. Get a little taste of her knowledge below. We can’t wait to hear more from her in the future!




danielle_0040-1How did you find out about Whitebox?


Whitebox peaked my interest last year when they emerged as one of the most exciting startups in Baltimore.  At the moment, we are experiencing a dramatic shift in the retail and ecommerce landscape. As brick-and-mortar stores continue closing with increased frequency, retailers are doubling-down on their ecommerce efforts at a rapid pace. Whitebox is right in the thick of it.


What are you most excited about after having worked with the company for a few months?


There is so much evidence that ecommerce is the place to be, and Whitebox is at the center of things. Consumer retail trends are driving the 23% YoY ecommerce growth as more than 51% of Americans are opting to make their purchases online. It’s pretty clear that we have only begun to see Amazon's impact on the retail landscape. Brands are being forced to transform the way they sell, think, and operate to acquire customers and compete online. Whitebox's turnkey solution is perfectly positioned to help brands adapt to the ever changing markets and meet shifting consumer demand.


Tell us a little about you and what you like to do in your free time.


I was born and raised in New Jersey. Now, I’m living outside Baltimore and married to the love of my life, Jon. I'm also mother of two spunky little girls. In my time off, I love spending time with my family. We enjoy the outdoors, hiking and just being in nature. I also love food and wine; cooking and entertaining are some of my passions. If I am looking for real down time, I love to paint and listen to music.