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Welcome to Whitebox Dylan!

Whitebox continues to grow – along with our spectacular team. As always, we are a little behind on our introductory posts because we've had so many new hires... but we want to make sure that our readers can get to know everyone on the team. This week, we're introducing Dylan Cook, our new Onboarding Specialist. 




headshotTell us a little about your background


I'm a lifelong Marylander and have lived in the Baltimore area for around 8 years total. Outside of some brief stopovers in New Orleans & abroad, Maryland has always been my home. I'm passionate about and committed to vegan eating and love the number of clients that we work with who create products I can try out! I live very close to work with my black cat Gwen, and (hopefully) soon to be a puppy in the near future. 



How did you find out about Whitebox?


Whitebox was first introduced to me through many great employees that I worked with in a previous job at OrderUp who found their way to this energetic, goal-oriented startup. When I saw that so many great people were choosing to join the Whitebox Team, I had to find out for myself what was drawing so many great people to this new opportunity.


What are you most excited about after having worked with the company for a few months?


The world of ecommerce is not only vast, but vastly growing! While Amazon is the primary focus of our work for many of our clients, it's becoming much more clear that the work we do elsewhere in the ecommerce space is quickly becoming just as important. With this amount of growth, and the complexities selling products on Amazon already comes with, there's never a day where something new isn't learned.


What do you love to do in your time off?


Cooking new vegan meals, finding concerts in Baltimore & Washington DC, taking day-trips outside of the city, and finding new craft breweries to support!