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Welcome to Whitebox Veronica!

Whitebox continues to grow – along with our spectacular team. As always, we are a little behind on our introductory posts because we've had so many new hires... and we've all been hard at work. Another hire we'd love to introduce is Veronica Page, our new Operations Support Specialist. 



 VeronicaTell us a little about your background


I'm born and raised in Baltimore. I went to school at Towson U, studying music education with a focus in voice. I've loved music my whole life and always enjoyed conducting. I've worked with children's choruses to conduct, performed in operas, and play the piano all the time. I love classic rock and Sleeping Beauty, and I'm a nerd at heart.


How did you find out about Whitebox?


Rachel, a former employee of Whitebox, worked with me at OrderUp, where I was a customer support supervisor before moving over to Whitebox.


What are you most excited about after having worked with the company for a few months?


The people. There are a lot of wonderful personalities on the team.


What do you love to do in your time off?


Play poker, and Magic: The Gathering tournaments. My boyfriend and I travel all over the place to compete in tournaments. New York, New Mexico, Orlando, Detroit, and Mexico City are a few examples of some of the places we've gone to play.