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You Send Us Your Product
Warehousing & Order Fulfillment
We Manage Returns & Customer Service
Quality Control & Kitting
Create & Optimize Online Listings
We Send You Money

You send us your products

When you decide to partner with us, Whitebox calculates how much inventory you need to send. We can provide shipping labels, or you can choose to ship your own way and our system will produce a packing slip. From here on out, we’ll ask for inventory one to two times a month depending on the demand. And, as time passes, our algorithms learn your products’ rhythms - so you stock just enough to keep your products moving but keep storage costs to a minimum.


Quality Control & Kitting

For every product, Whitebox creates a multipage quality control document. We use this as a checklist to make sure everything is perfect for ecommerce. Did it get damaged in shipment? Is it the right color? Are we making a multipack? Do we need to to put the item in a new box? Are regulatory stickers needed like anti-suffocation labels? Whatever is needed to sell online, we get the prep work done at this step.


Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

We use a network of warehouses so you can sit back while we send your products out for you. Specifically, we leverage Amazon’s infrastructure so we can often get same-day delivery in about a dozen cities. Our procedures mean efficient and accurate fulfillment. Speed, accuracy and happy customers are our top priorities.

Create & optimize online listings

We create product pages on your store, Amazon and eBay. Each time a purchase occurs, all of the quantities on your product pages gets updated. Don’t worry, we’ll also let you know when you need to send us more stuff. Leveraging over a decade of experience, a key part of our listing process is research - of keywords, titles and categorization. This steers customers to your product first. And we always want product clarity, which is why we will take professional photos as needed so your customers can see the unique quality of your product.

We manage returns & Customer Service

Whitebox ensures that any damaged or lost inventory is quickly handled, and returns are processed promptly. We answer customer questions about shipments, and respond to any negative transactional feedback to keep your product rankings as high as possible. Real time product feedback can be used to guide your product development and marketing efforts as well.

we send you money

You get paid every month for the prior month’s sales. We audit each and every transaction to ensure accuracy. If you’re ever curious about numbers, statements and reports are available on our interface that you can access 24 hours a day. You can also download the details to add them to your own accounting system.